Thursday, March 13, 2008

Brown Rice Salad

My 2-year old, who traditionally does not eat anything green, won't leave me in peace to eat this salad. I have to share at least half with him.

Brown Rice Salad
Cooked brown rice (warm is the best!)
Chopped romaine lettuce (I just buy it in bags)
Parmesan cheese
Italian dressing

Combine ingredients to taste and voila!

*My sister recommends toasting the brown rice in the oven with the parmesan cheese. It is quite delicious that way, but easier to forego that step. It's really tasty either way, but the oven-toasted, cheesed-up rice is a special touch!

**I like to add shredded chicken or anything else that suits your fancy!

*** I should mention that I don't like brown rice and I don't like lettuce. So there you go. I LOVE THIS SALAD!!!

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Kris said...

Who would've guessed! I made this tonight but used Uncle Bens rice and greek dressing - it was a huge hit - DD already asked if she could have more for lunch tomorrow! Thanks for all the great recipes!
P.S. She also wants to eat any and all "batter" right out of the bowl - like biscuits - and declares them all great!